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Strut Spacer Instructions

Part: Spring Spacers Leveling/Lift Spring Spacers Thank you for choosing Freedom Off-Road for your vehicle application!


Please read instructions before installation. 

Please note most strut spacers are not a 1:1 lift ratio. Meaning the spacers will not measure the same as the lift amount.

1. Park vehicle on a level surface and chock rear wheels. Jack up the front of the vehicle and place jack stands under the frame rails.

2. Remove the tires and wheels.

3. Remove the ABS line and bracket from the upper control arm.

4. Disconnect driver and passenger side sway bar end links.

5. Remove lower strut mounting bolts.

6. Pry up ABS retaining clips from the upper strut mounting nuts.

7. Remove upper strut mounting nuts.

8. Remove entire strut assembly from vehicle

9. Place strut spacer on top of strut.

10. Loosen upper ball joint nut. Do not remove from knuckle.

11. Using a hammer, hit the side of your knuckle to separate ball joint from it.

12. Place a jack under your lower control arm to support and remove your upper ball joint.

13. Lower suspension slightly and reinstall strut assembly using the new hardware provided in your kit.

14. Once installed, jack up your suspension from your lower control arm

15. Using a pry bar on your upper control arm, Place ball joint back into knuckle

16. Tighten upper ball joint to factory torque spec.

17. Reattach ABS line and bracket and sway bar end links

18. Take vehicle to an alignment shop to avoid improper tire wear and poor ride quality.


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