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17x9 Fuel Kicker Model D699

17x9 Fuel Kicker Model D699

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Price: $350.00

Vehicle Specific Product

Check below vehicle fitment table before adding to cart

Product Description

  • Sold in singles
  • Size: 17x9
  • Bolt Pattern:6x139.7
  • Offset: +1
  • Bore: 106.1
  • Load: 2300LBS

Product image shown not representative of all configurations. Vehicle specific fitment will change offset, dish and center profile. Please consult your salesperson for application-specific details.

Vehicle Fitment
Year Make Model Submodel Drive
1997Toyota 4Runner 4WD
1997Toyota Tacoma 4WD
1998Toyota 4Runner 4WD
1998Toyota Tacoma 4WD
1999Toyota 4Runner 4WD
1999Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2000Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2000Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2001Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2001Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2002Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2002Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2003Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2003Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2004Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2004Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2005Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2005Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2006Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2006Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2007Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2007Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2008Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2008Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2009Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2009Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2010Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2010Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2011Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2011Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2012Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2012Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2013Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2013Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2014Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2014Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2015Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2015Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2016Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2016Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2017Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2017Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2018Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2018Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2019Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2019Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2020Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2020Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2021Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2021Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2022Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2022Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2023Toyota 4Runner 4WD
2023Toyota Tacoma 4WD
2024Toyota 4Runner 4WD