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Coil-over Installation/Adjustment Instructions

Part: Coil-over
Coil-over Installation/Adjustment Instructions
Thank you for choosing Freedom Off-Road for your vehicle application!
Please read instructions before installation.
1. Before installing your coilover, measure the heights of your vehicle on the ground. The best way to obtain this is to measure from the center of your wheel, up to the top of the inner fender lip. You will need left front, right front, left rear, and right rear measurements.
2. Place vehicle in park and chock the rear wheels. Jack up the front of the vehicle and place jack stands beneath the frame rails behind your front control arms.
3. Remove the front wheels.
4. Disconnect the ABS wire from the frame above the upper control arm and remove clips.
5. Disconnect brake line brackets.
6. Disconnect the upper ball joint and separate from the steering knuckle.
7. Support your lower control arm with a jack
8. Remove all factory strut hardware and remove from the vehicle.
9. Remove the upper control arm from the vehicle
10. Install your Freedom Off-Road Coilovers.
11. Reinstall upper control arm and attach to the steering knuckle and tighten to factory spec.
12. Re-attach brake line brackets and ABS wire.
13. Freedom Off-road coilovers do not come pre-adjusted to any height. In order to achieve the correct height of your coilovers you will have to do so on a trial and error basis.
14. To adjust, lubricate the threads and use the adjustment wrench to compress the springs. Once you are happy with the adjustment, use a screwdriver and hammer to lock the coilovers into place. Once vehicle is on the ground, determine if further adjustment is needed. If so, take tires off and repeat process.
We thank you again for choosing Freedom Off-Road. Warranty information on your part can be found at For any questions about installation or for general information, please send us an email at
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