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Strut Assembly Installation Instructions

Part Number: Strut Assembly


Strut Assembly Installation Instructions

Thank you for choosing Freedom Off-Road for your vehicle application! Please read instructions before installation. Ensure that all you understand where parts are to be installed at.


1. Park vehicle on a level surface and chock rear wheels. Jack up the front of the vehicle and place jack stands under the frame rails to let front suspension hang

2. Remove the tires and wheels

3. Remove and unplug the ABS sensor wire from the frame

4. Remove the sensor wire from the plastic clip and remove the brake line bracket from the control arm. Remove the bracket line bracket from the control arm pocket

5. Next, remove the tie-rod nut. Hit the front of the mount to dislodge the tie rod end and remove the knuckle.

6. Remove the brake caliper. Hang the caliper out of the way.

7. Remove the rotor.

8. Remove the dust cap and then remove the axle nut.

9. Remove the lower ball joint and separate with a hammer.

10. Remove the lower strut bolts

11. Remove the upper strut nuts and remove the strut from the vehicle.

12. Install the new strut into the factory upper mount

13. Using your factory hardware, install and tighten the upper strut studs

14. Install new hardware provided with your Freedom Off-road strut into lower strut mount

15. Install the knuckle on the upper and lower ball joints while aligning your CV axle splines to the spines in the hub. Re-tighten your upper and lower ball joints to factory spec.

16. Re-install the brake caliper

17. Install the tie rod end into the knuckle.

18. Re-install your ABS/brake line. Plug ABS sensor wire and attach to frame.

19. Install Tires and wheels and lower vehicle to the ground.

20. Take vehicle to a certified alignment tech to avoid improper tire wear and poor ride quality.


We thank you again for choosing Freedom Off-Road. Warranty information on your part can be found at For any questions about installation or for general information, please send us an email at Follow us on Instagram: @freedomoffroadusa #freedomoffroadusa