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Upper Control arm Instructions


Part Number: Upper Control Arms

Upper Control Arm Installation

Thank you for choosing Freedom Off-Road for your vehicle application!

Please read instructions before installation. Ensure that all you understand where they are to be installed at. These control arms are intended for applications with a 2-4” of lift to allow for proper ball joint angle and proper clearance between upper strut tower and the control arm. The ball joints come pre-greased. Over-greasing can void your warranty.

1. Park vehicle on a level surface and chock rear wheels. Jack up the front of the vehicle and place jack stands under the frame rails.

2. Remove the tires and wheels and place a jack under the lower control arm.

3. Remove the ABS line and bracket from the upper control arm

4. Remove the cotter pin from the ball joint

5. Loosen the upper ball joint nut but do not remove.

6. Hit the knuckle on the side with a hammer to allow the taper lock to come loose. Remove the ball joint nut and release ball joint from the knuckle.

7. Remove the upper control arm bolt, nut and washers.

a. TIP: It may help to use a pry bar to manipulate the pinch weld enough to remove the upper control arm bolt

8. Determine which side your new upper control arms should be installed on by comparing them to the angle of your factory control arms.

9. Install your new control arms using your factory hardware. Ensure you install bolts from the front of the vehicle. Torque bolts to factory spec.

10. Install the ball joint into the knuckle using supplied hardware.

11. Attach the ABS wire bracket to the new upper control arm. Do not overtighten.

12. Repeat this process on the opposite side of your vehicle.

13. Install wheels and tires and lower vehicle to the ground. Be sure to re-torque your wheels.

14. Take vehicle to an alignment center to avoid improper tire wear and ride quality.

15. Freedom Off-Road recommends re-torqueing your suspension components between 500 and 1000 miles of driving.


We thank you again for choosing Freedom Off-Road. Warranty information on your part can be found at For any questions about installation or for general information, please send us an email at

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